New Bird in the African Sky:Senegal to Launch a new Airline this Year!

This year will see Senegal launch a new, private sector-dominated national airline  to replace Air Senegal International (ASI) which collapsed earlier last year.The new Airline was unveiled last November with great pomp in the Dubai Airshow where the airline comitted to buying 6 Airbus Jets(four A320 and two A330 planes) worth $670 million!

The new Airline also signed an partnership program with Dubai based luxury Airlines during the DXB09.
Under the alliance, the Emirates Group will assist the airline in both its start-up and post launch phases with commercial support, technical expertise, training and aviation-relation goods and services.

ASI, a joint operation with Royal Air Maroc (RAM), stopped operating early 2009 due to a bitter row between the Senegalese authorities and RAM. The two parties said in May last year they would relaunch the carrier but that plan has been shelved.

The new airline will officially be known as Senegal Airlines and will be based in Dakar.The Senegalese government will retain a small stake in the airline while private investors will acquire most of the stakes!
Until the row with RAM led to Moroccan planes being withdrawn, ASI had been one of the most reliable carriers in West Africa, a region where airlines are plagued with finance problems, irregular service and poor safety records.
The new airline is expected to fly to destinations in Africa and Europe.Looking forward to welcoming Senegal's newest bird into the African Sky!

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