Air Uganda:All set for East Africa

I first saw the update on Twitter notifying users about Air Uganda's brand new website thus reawakening my interest in Uganda's tiny but ambitious airline.

Air Uganda is just two years old but already it has made a name for itself in East Africa for its great punctuality(on time performance) and cordial service.In 2007,the airline made itself name too by bashing Kenya Airways so as to taper KQ's dominance of the small but lucrative Nairobi-Entebbe route.

East African Flights

Looking at its East African network,the east African airline seems keen and focused on building and consolidating its regional network comprising Nairobi,Mombasa,Dar es Salaam ,Juba and the recently launched Mombasa route.There are no big dreams for Southern,West African or intercontinental flights.It's all about building a mature market in East Africa before adventuring into the unknown.

The strategy is smart,allowing the East African airline to concentrate small resources on an emerging and vibrant market.The airline is not positioning itself as a low cost carrier but is instead emphasizing its quality service in order to justify its slightly high fares.The airline has also created a name for itself with its excellent onboard service and Ugandan traditionally cordial hospitality and this has already eaten into KQ's market share for the route dominated by East African businessmen!

In December,the airline launched a frequent flier program,Celestars in Collaboration with Air Burkina Fasso and Air Mali,the three airlines being owned by the Group Meridiana based in Florence Italy.Now fliers can earn,accumulate and redeem miles with Air Uganda.But this still does not match KQ's Flying Blue program that gives passengers access to over 700 routes and rewards across the globe!

The airline seems keen on building its ancillary revenues too.Under its partnership with Serena Hotels across Kenya,Uganda and Tanzania,Air Uganda Holidays now gives passengers great Holiday packages across the region!

For now,the skies are open for East Africa's small 'legacy' airline!
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