New Budget Airline in Kenya:When is OneJetOne Airways Kenya Taking Off?

Kenya's first International Low Cost Carrier is set for launch March this year.At least that's the information we have so far.

OneJetOne entered the Kenyan market under controversial circumstances last year;it will soon hit the Skies offering cheap flights to Kenya under its banner "Fun to Fly".The airline has finished recruiting the first batch of cabin crews and all that remains is launching its inaugural flights in Kenya.

 There is a rumor in town that OneJetOne is partly owned by Malaysia's Air Asia but I cannot confirm that for now.But it's bold sleek branding is so AirAsia like.

For digital  branding ,I give the airline 100%(I will have to contact Shashank Nigam to verify this!).The brand is so appealing and is likely to attract  young hip Fliers flying from the Nairobi Airport!Of course the fares will also be a determining factor.If they are going to be purely budget,low fares,no frills;then the airline will be popular!There are few Kenyan budget airlines and the Kenyan low cost airlines market is still largely underexploited.If OneJetOne will offer the cheapest flights to Kenya,it will have a great advantage in the East African aviation market.

From its digital branding,the OneJetOne seems focused on reaching the young,upscale Kenyan market segment,the under 35s I think.The airline is already using Facebook and YouTube to manage its PR,engage the public and  communicate its message.

There also seems to be a reliance on friendly sections of Kenyan print media especially the Nairobi Star in the battle to win the heart of minds of Kenyans who view the airline as corrupt enterprise facilitated by Kenya's political and business elite!There is increasing emphasis in these media of Kenya Airways' fear of losing its dominance of the Kenyan market to OneJetOne(which is quite interesting given that Fly540 ,a budget airline has been serving the market for years)

Similar tactics were used by Air Uganda when it launched  the Nairobi-Entebbe route where some business journalists were paid to emphasize Kenya Airways' "rude" staff and expensive fares vis-a-vis Air Uganda's "Ugandan" hospitality onboard on the Nairobi-Entebbe route.
Should it launch its service in Kenya ,OneJetOne Airways Kenya will be judged purely by the quality of its onboard service,fares,ancillary products!As an airline lover ,I am more than enthusiastic to see a new cool carrier hit the Kenyan Skies soon!Kenyan aviation will benefit and mature from increased competition and innovative airline products!

More Info:The airline was recently awarded a tender by the Kenya Airports Authority to refurbish and operate the old Embakasi Airport .Kenya Airways had requested the KAA for use of the old Airport due to congestion at JKIA and feels it deserved to be awarded the tender as the Kenyan National Carrier!
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