Juba to Host South Sudan Investment Conference and Trade Fair in October

Juba will host the first post independence South Sudan Investment Conference and Trade Fair in October, according to a regular source in Juba. ‘We will be showing potential investors what great range of projects they can apply for, can make a sales pitch for. We need foreign investments in the entire infrastructure, in manufacturing and services, because our government cannot do this alone, we South Sudanese cannot do it alone. We are offering opportunities in housing developments, telecommunications, the health sector, education, power generation and distribution, airport development, railway development, mining, agriculture and agro processing and tourism. We need all those things to make our economy take off and when we are part of East African Community we can offer an even bigger market for those manufacturing or producing agricultural products. Tourism needs hotels in all the state capitals, in the new federal capital, in the safari parks or along the rivers. South Sudan is now open for business and we will facilitate good investors and good projects as much as we can.’

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