European Union Lifts Sanctions on Libyan Airlines

The regime of Muammar Gaddafi has been shot in the heart and is never coming back but one thing that has got shot in the arm after 8 months of civil war is Libyan Aviation. With many Western suitors intent on grabbing the spoils from the Libyan civil war, the European Union has lifted the sanctions that were imposed on Libyan Airlines in March.

This will clear the way for the airline to begin repairing or renewing its fleet as the country rebuilds after the Libyan uprising. The sanctions also targeted Libya's low cost carrier Afriqiyah Airlines because the airline was owned by a subsidiary of the Libyan African Investment Portfolio, "an entity entirely owned and controlled by the Gaddafi regime" It will be interesting to watch the focus of Libyan Airlines' route development and expansion strategies  from now onwards given the cool relations between the TNC and several African countries in post-Gaddafi Libya.
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