Eritrean Airlines Looking for General Sales Agents

Just received this. THe deadline for this application is 23rd September,2011.

Eritrean Airlines, the National Flag Carrier of the State of Eritrea is planning to start its scheduled
operations soon, and is looking for a General Sales Agent to represent its Passenger and Cargo
operations in Kenya.

Applications are invited from Travel and Cargo Agents (IATA/Non-IATA) who meet the following
• Minimum of 5 years’ experience in the travel industry and airline cargo business, handling
international Travel and Cargo in Kenya.
• Having qualified staff with a minimum of 3 years’ experience in ticketing, reservations, sales,
marketing and airline cargo business.
• Ability to provide centrally located office space and infrastructure to accommodate the Airline
Passenger office and cargo office in Kenya.
• Ability to provide a bank guarantee in accordance with the Airline’s requirements.
• Experience in representing an international airline as its Passenger and Cargo GSA in Kenya.

All applications should be in English.
Interested parties could apply to represent the Airline either for both Passenger and Cargo business or

If the application is for either Passenger or Cargo business only, the eligibility criteria above shall relate
only to Passenger or Cargo as the case may be.

IATA Agents if selected should be willing to establish a wholly owned subsidiary to represent Eritrean
Airlines in Kenya.

Please send an e-mail to or expressing interest
and requesting an application form along with aforesaid details within a week of the appearance of this

Please note that completed applications should reach the address below on or before 30 days, with a
copy by e-mail.
Apply to:
Director Commercial
Eritrean Airlines S. C.
Head Office,
2nd Floor, S.A. Building,
Warsai Street 189
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