Kenya Airways Cargo installs electronic cargo monitoring system

Kenya Airways Cargo has completed the installation of an electronic cargo monitoring system, making it the 2nd airline in Africa to achieve this.  Known as E-Freight, the new system is billed as the answer to cargo operational efficacy in a bid to reduce costs, improve transit times, accuracy and the competitiveness of airfreight.

Kenya Airways’ General Manager Cargo, Ms Sauda Rajab said in a statement that the installation of the E-Freight was in compliance with an International Air Transport Association (IATA) led initiative, designed to get all global carriers to make their transactions electronic. Cargo customers are increasingly wanting shorter transit times, lower prices and increased reliability, while customs authorities are pushing for electronic information in advance.

“IATA estimates that with adoption of e-freight (electronic messaging and documentation), the air freight industry could save up to $ 4.9 billion,” said Rosemary Adongo, Area Manager Southern Africa and IOI.
With E-Freight going live, Kenya joins six other aviation nations, including Italy, South Africa, Ireland, Cyprus, Slovakia and Mexico in successfully implementing this technology.  Kenya Airways has conducted successful WET and DRY runs between Nairobi – Amsterdam – Nairobi with DHL Global Forwarders. Currently there are 44 countries and 362 airports that are e-freight ready globally.

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