South African Airways Launches a Mobile WAP Site

As we wrote a couple of months ago,millions of Africans are using their cell phones to access the web,including me.Mobile web is so convenient;I can read latest information on African airlines and access thousands of airline applications! Just like the social media was the great hype of 2008/2009;mobile web is  quickly becoming an important tool for airlines especially those operating in Africa!

Kenya Airways developed its nice little WAP site last year offering information on fligh status,schedules,special offers,baggage information and a nice Google Sites interactive feature.

  South African Airways has just launched its very own mobile portal allowing customers to access comprehensive travel and airline information from just one point of reference, anywhere, anytime, using their cellphone.

The portal allows travellers to access the information from a capable cellphone device such as: airline flight schedules; directions to airline lounges at airports around the world; flight arrival and departure information; and destination information such as weather forecasts for any city in the world and a currency converter.

This new initiative is in partnership with Star Alliance, who developed the Common IT Mobile Platform, which SAA used to launch its own portal for customers - making SAA the first airline in Africa to have launched the new service.
The portal is a universal feed able to access information on any airline and destination in the world.
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