An Interview With Mr. Arjun Ruzaik, Chief Executive Officer of OneJetOne

Arjun Ruzaik is the Chief Executive Officer of OneJetOne, Kenya’s first domestic, regional and international low cost/budget airline set to launch in 2010. The fleet will consist of Airbus A320 and A330, flying to and from our Nairobi hub, to all major cities in Africa, Middle East, Europe and Asia. African Aviation recently talked with Mr. Ruzaik, who explained the challenges he faces in the short and long term.
African Aviation: How has the recent economic crisis affected the plans of OneJetOne?

Arjun Ruzaik: We believe it has pushed back our start-up by at least two years.

African Aviation: Turning to the year ahead, what is your outlook on the potential recovery?

Arjun Ruzaik: We believe the worst is over and the future looks extremely favourable
African Aviation: What lessons have been learned from the economic crisis of the past 12 months?
Arjun Ruzaik: African aviation industry will inevitably be the last to recover.
African Aviation: How do you see your domestic and international route network evolving in the coming year?
Arjun Ruzaik:  It appears extremely favourable for a start-up Low Cost Carrier.
African Aviation: Can the East-African market support that kind of growth?
Arjun Ruzaik:  Given the particular characteristics of a start-up Low Cost Carrier, yes.
African Aviation: Where would you like OneJetOne to be in five years from now?
Arjun Ruzaik: The leading Low Cost Carrier in Africa.
African Aviation: What are you most concerned with in terms of future challenges?
Arjun Ruzaik: For a Low Cost Carrier (LCC), it has to be the price of fuel and for African aviation in particular, the transparency of the governments and its aviation authorities.
African Aviation: How are you controlling the costs?
Arjun Ruzaik: From a start-up LCC perspective, its an area thats fundamental to our longevity and success, and as such, the process starts from the very top
African Aviation: The issue of aviation and the environment is not going away. Does the industry have the right strategy for the years ahead?
Arjun Ruzaik: We believe it does.
African Aviation: Are airports finally getting the message about the need to cooperate with airline partners?
Arjun Ruzaik: In sub-sahara Africa, NO. However, closer to home we believe that Kenya Airports Authority is an exception to the rule where it tends to formulate and operate with an “out-of-the-box” kind of way...a win-win for all concerned.
African Aviation: How is your relation with the Kenyan Civil Aviation Authorities?
Arjun Ruzaik: Professional and we are extremely excited in KCAA’s recent approach to implementing the new KCARs (Kenya Civil Aviation Regulations)...a much awaited and “about-time” legislation.
african aviation newsAfrican Aviation: The European agency recently announced the list of airlines banned from the European airspace due to safety concerns. Thirteen of the 17 countries affected by the ban are from Africa. What needs to be done to improve safety in Africa?
Arjun Ruzaik: Funding, training and empowering the Civil Aviation Authorities.
African Aviation: Can you please tell us about your first potential destinations?
Arjun Ruzaik: Mombasa and Kisumu.
African Aviation: You are expected to launch operations with a fleet of Airbus 320 and Airbus 330. Can you please tell us when can we expect the first deliveries?
Arjun Ruzaik: Towards the latter part of 2010
African Aviation: Why do you think the Airbus is the right aircraft for a company like OneJetOne?
Arjun Ruzaik: OneJetOne’s promoters’ past vast experience with the A320 and A330, and its benefits for a start-up LCC with our business plan
African Aviation: Why should our readers fly with OneJetOne?
Arjun Ruzaik: PRICE PRICE PRICE and an amazing experience each and everytime.

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    its very much awaited here in Kenya and it will definitely be one big success story...grace kimani

  2. Anonymous Says:

    I have my doubts and strong reservation about this OnejetOne airline. Everything about it kind of stinks. I thinks its a Lame Duck...maybe even dead as a dodo.

    There has been no communication whatsoever to prospective employees (they had promised to keep in touch on a weekly basis)!

    Their silence is definately defeaning. My take is they need to convince the public more. A spot check at Kenya Civil Aviation revealed nothing as far as OJO Is concerned!

    Folks......Is your wait worth It??

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