A Social Network for Hospitality Professionals

There's a new social network in town for hospitality professionals TalkHotels. TalkHotels is according to its founders "the first professional social network or hoteliers". Sort of like the LinkedIn for hoteliers. 

The social network is equipped with features to help hoteliers access and process information faster and in a more organized manner in order to help them make quick informed choices. The social network does this by giving members access free access to vendors, products and services, reviews, other hospitality professionals, and knowledge and insight from peers.

The social network has over 750 hotel professionals so far.

The social network also primarily offers hoteliers opportunity to network with other hoteliers from around the world and share ideas and best practices. Some of the features include the following:

Shop Page: Allows members to find vendors, products, and local service providers without having to conduct exhaustive online searches, reading through generic sales pitches, and taking risks on vendors and service providers you’ve never worked with before. The best part is that you’ll also get to read reviews from your peers.

Vendor Profile:  Each vendor profile will feature a vendor’s contact information; reviews from your peers, along with responses from the company to give you both sides of any story; and Loyalists, which is a list of people in your network that either use the vendor currently, endorse them, or used them at some point in the past.
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