Air Berlin to Boost Mombasa Flights

airberlin will boost its Mombasa lights mid this year as part of its networking realignment with new shareholder Etihad Airways, a move that will also see the Germna carrier cancel its Bangkok service. airberlin will bring its seasonal Mombasa, Kenya services to a year-round offering with two flights a week from 22-Jun-2012. (The service will be briefly suspended between 13-Apr-2012 and 22-Jun-2012.)

airberlin will join fellow German carriers Condor Flugdienst and Jetairfly in offering a year-round service to Mombasa, the centre of coastal tourism in Kenya.

Airberlin currently dominates the route with 1212 seats per week, followed by Condor with 1044 seats per week and Jetairfly with 570 seats per week. Germany accounts for approximately 5% of tourism arrivals to Kenya.

Mombasa Moi International Airport capacity (seats per week) by carrier: 05-Mar-2012 to 11-Mar-2012.

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