Press Statement - Outcome of Negotiations between the Nigerian & British Authorities on BASA.

The Nigerian government and the British Authorities held high-level negotiations yesterday and this morning. These discussions are still on-going. The outcome thus far are as follows:

With respect to the high fares charged by British Airways and the associated regional imbalance, the airline made an offer of a 20% reduction in the lowest Business class fare between Nigeria and the UK.

The Nigerian side considered this as insufficient, the Nigerian government is still very concerned about the regional price disparity. We still strongly believe that this regional imbalance should be dismantled. In otherwords, BA should offer the same or similar fares from Nigeria to the UK as is the case in any other Equidistant destination within West Africa.

The British Authorities requested to be given an opportunity to carry out an independent study of the regional pricing disparity in the UK/Nigerian aviation market. We expect the conclusion of this study by the end of the year to facilitate a conclusion on the subject.

With respect to slot at Heathrow airport, seven slots per week from Abuja have been secured for Arik Air at prevailing commercial rates.

As you are aware, FAAN is renovating and upgrading their airports. These efforts will require a review of current slot allocations and additional funding.

Towards this end, FAAN is considering applying commercial slot rates for slots into Murtala Mohammed International Airport in the spirit of Bilateral Air Service Agreement.

The Nigerian flying public is advised to make choices about which airlines they fly as regards the pricing of their tickets.

Finally, the Federal Ministry of Aviation assures Nigerians that their interests with regard safety, security, comfort, service and affordability will remain our priority.

Joe Obi,

SA (Media) to the Hon. Minister of Aviation.

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