New Online Dating and Social Networking Site That Connects Air Travelers At The Airport

Just in time for the Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday travelers, a new international dating and social network website was launched by Miami entrepreneur, Steve Pasternack, which helps travelers make connections at the airport. It’s not about connecting flights, but more like connecting people on a social level or experience. The unique social networking site, specializes in bringing together airline travelers while waiting for their flight in an airport. It is for the traveler whose flight is delayed, has connecting flights, or those who want to meet up early over drinks or coffee. The site offers profiles and photos of fellow travelers and helps match people with similar interests who will be at the same airport at the same time. The site is free to all users.

Safety is always a concern for anyone that uses any online dating or matchmaking site. But, because of the strict security precautions that are taken by all airports today, this venue has now become one of the safest places to meet someone new.

“Meeting someone new at the airport is always exciting. About eight months ago I was sitting in an airport doing nothing for several hours because of a delayed flight. I noticed how many of the people, like myself, were heading to the airport lounge with the intention of getting a drink or to possibly strike up a conversation with someone of the opposite sex. That’s when I realized how great it would be to pick up a cell phone and log into a website that specifically showed you who was in the airport with you and who was interested in meeting someone new. Some people are looking for romance, others to network for their business. The possibilities are endless.” says founder Steven Pasternack.

This online site is a new and exciting way of connecting people with one another. It is original and unique as it is a pioneer in the next trend for online social networking.
Membership is Free.

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