Kenya Airways Sponsiors Kenyan Sevens Team to the tune of Ksh.290 million

Kenya Airways has signed a huge sponsorship deal worth Ksh.290million($ 3million)for the Kenya Sevens Rugby team. The Kenyan Sevens team has a great international profile and is a regular participant of the Sevens circuit and has given the airline an international profile in terms of branding.

Reports Wolfgang H Thome blog:

18 players and four coaches and staff will under the new and much improved deal get monthly salaries paid, allowing them all to concentrate fully on team affairs and training, besides improved medical coverage and of course the all important tickets to and from major events, where the Kenyans are now a regular side playing in the 8 country / 9 match series. They are again invited to play in Japan, with other matches played in Hong Kong, the United Arab Emirates, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, the UK and the United States of America.

Brand new kits as well as bonuses for match and series wins too are part of the new deal, which will see Kenya Airways hold all the sponsorship rights for the team, which of course will wear the badge of The Pride of Africa with pride

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