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Africa is on the move and a new confident class of oligarchs is emerging from the continent; confident and optimistic business leaders who are strutting the continent's capitals signing deals be they in banking, mining, manufacturing or telecommunications or the internet and holidaying across the vastness of the continent.  The continent now has its own billionaires and self made millionaires and it's no wonder that they are demanding luxury, not just in living but in travel.

Jet Charter travel has been common especially in Africa's tourist hotspots in Kenya, South Africa, Egypt, Morocco, Seychelles, Zanzibar, Maldives and Tunisia. While the overwhelming majority of clients are still wealthy Westerners, homegrown demand for high end luxury jet charter services is also driving the growth of the industry on the continent.

Several factors have led to the well heeled chosing jet charter services in place of scheduled commercial airline services. The first outstanding quality that you will notice when you decide to charter a jet is a noticeably high level of luxury. On your normal jet charter flight you can expect to be served gourmet food, receive the best customer service, have the most comfortable seat, and have the latest entertainment media available. On private jet charter flights, you will be guaranteed exclusivity. You probably will fly in a plane that seats 10-15 people, so you won’t be sharing space with a ton of other people.  While the in-flight service might vary depending on where you are flying, you can still expect excellent services.

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 Chartering a jet also comes with a reduced level of travel stress and anxiety. Charter travel pretty much eliminates all travel stresses because of the service and partial exclusivity that it offers. If you decide to use a jet charter, you won’t have to worry about waiting in long lines at the airport, mishandled luggage, or missed flights. You can show up right on time for your flight and your luggage comes with you on the plane.   

Jet Charter services in Africa also provide flights to exotic locales. There are relatively few airports in Africa serving mostly the major cities while regional airports are underdeveloped, so commercial airlines are allowed to only land where there’s an airport or  relatively well maintained landing strips. However, charter jets are much smaller and much more maneuverable; they are able to land in many more locations, some of which are very remote and quite enchanting.

Jet Charters take you to exotic locales!!

Most people assume charter travel is expensive and for the wealthy, but the truth is that it can be very affordable. There are many promotional offers that charter travel companies give to customers. Often, companies will offer group discounts and special travel packages.  The internet has made shopping easy and many private jet charter companies provide highly personalized services to clients and prospective clients. You can also check out various websites like for special deals and promotions and flight experience straight out of aviation's golden age.

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