South African Airways wants more Black Pilots

A 16-year initiative by South African Airways (SAA) to fill more of its pilot jobs with people from previously disadvantaged communities is failing, and has seen the South African Air Force (SAAF) step in to offer assistance.

One of the transformation programme's stated intentions was to train more black African pilots, but figures from last year still show that white men dominate the field. Figures from last year show that, of SAA's 789 pilots, 657 of them are white and just 37 of them are black.
Asnath Mahapa ,the first black female trainee pilot at South African Airways,is an inspiration to most young South African blacks who aspire for careers as pilots.On her role as a role model to young black women in South Africa,Asnath says,"I think it's something that could open a lot of doors for young black South Africans - and especially women. Me, achieving what I did, I hope it can give more black people flying as a career option."

Black crew only began to appear on South African Airways in the dying days apartheid.
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