Kenya Airways Cabin Crew Recruitment : Say Yes in just 4 days

We recently wrote a post about Kenya Airways cabin crew recruitment due to close in four days time.Some of our readers have been sending applications for cabin crew positions to us!

If you missed the ad in the newspapers,the original ad is as shown in photo above.Open the photo in a new tab and magnify the text.The text reads as follows:
Kenya Airways is looking for warm,friendly,multilingual cabin crew from across East Africa-Kenya,Tanzania,Uganda,Burundi,Rwanda.If you have experience as cabin crew on any East African Airline,just get in touch with us now and see your career take off with Africa's premier international airline.Send your CV to by 22nd October,2010...Come on,all you have to say is Yes!Oui!Ndio!
Note that they are recruiting experienced cabin crew from other East African Airlines and that the deadline is on 22nd October,2010.
Good Luck and Happy Flying!
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