Freedom Airlines Express Launches Flights to Kisumu

Freedom Airlines Express, an airline that has plied the Northern Kenyan route for a decade has now launched flights to Kisumu International Airport. This comes hot on the heels on the launch of flights to the airport by Silverstone Airlines that now has 3 daily flights between Kisumu International Airport and Wilson Airport. Silverstone had also made history by becoming the first airline to launch direct flights between Kisumu and Mombasa.

Freedom Airline Services will offer four weekly flights between Kisumu and Nairobi to take advantage of increased traffic on the route. The airline will be charging a fare of Ksh.5500 in the route. This is above the Ksh.4200 and Ksh.4500 currently charged by JamboJet and Silverstone respectively. Silverstone has upped its marketing game in the lakeside city, sponsoring a bevy of events and sports teams to capture the hearts and minds of its customers. So far, the frenzied marketing has been paying off with a growing number of customers now preferring the startup low cost carrier.

The launch of the Freedom Airlines to Kisumu now brings to 6 the total number of airlines serving the Kisumu Nairobi route. The airport now receives a total of 30 daily flights. As many residents in the area opt for flights as opposed to the 8 hour road trip, demand for air travel is expected to increase exponentially in the next five years.

Freedom Airlines has also intimidated that intends to launch regional flights between Kisumu and Entebbe and Kisumu and Mwanza. The Kisumu-Entebbe route will likely be more viable than the Mwanza route. 

In the next year or so, two local airlines are also expected to launch in the lakeside city, namely Lake Vic Aviation and Tristar.

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