Angola Boom sees Development of Africa’s Largest Airport

There is no doubt that Angola is experiencing an unprecedented economic boom that has seen the country build some of the most sophisticated infrastructure in Sub Saharan Africa. The South West African nation has partnered with the China International Fund based in Hong Kong and other global investors in the development of cutting edge infrastructure ranging from railways, airports, a magnificent seat of government, hotels and the soon to be unveiled multi-billion dollar Luanda International Airport which will be capable of handling some 13 million passengers.

Angola is intent on taking the sheen away from South Africa in order to become the top investment destination in Africa in the coming decades.  This ambition has seen the country embark on many ambitious projects aimed at positioning the nation globally and diversifying the economy to attract future FDI.

The Angolan Social Housing Project
Early in last week, the world got a glimpse into Angola’s ambition with what was reported by international media as a “ghost city” built by the Chinese. This “ghost city”, according to BBC, is actually a mega housing project that is still under construction and will house Angola’s burgeoning middle class.  But this is just the tip of the iceberg going by the various real estate development projects lined up in the country most of which are being developed by foreign companies in partnership with the Angolan Government.

Nova Cidade do Kilamba : Housing for the burgeoning Angolan middle class

Africa’s Largest Airport
According to the Angolan Government and the China International Fund, the Luanda International Airport is being constructed to cope with increased business traffic and logistical operations in the country as a result of the economic boom. Long term goals will involve positioning the airport is alternative to OR Tambo International Airport in Johannesburg for routing passengers to East, Central and West Africa. The New International Airport Luanda will be the largest in Africa with a capacity 13.152 million passengers per year.  The cargo terminal building will have an area of 6200 square metres with a capacity of 35,000 tonnes per year. The airport will be completed within the next two years.
The road to the New International Airport Luanda. The Airport will be the largest in Africa

The New Luanda International Airport
Angolan National Administration Complex
The seat of the Angolan Government will certainly rival that of Washington in terms of the scale and architectural splendor.  Following the reunification of Angola in 2002 after a 26 year civil war, this magnificent seat of power will be a symbol of the country’s renewal. Below is an impression of the future Angolan seat of power already under construction. This new complex is something that has no equal in Africa and will include the Angolan Presidential Place, Parliament House, the Angolan Supreme Courts, Ministerial offices, museums and conference facilities. From the architectural models, this will certainly be one of Luanda’s greatest attractions.
The Angolan National Administration Complex

The Luanda Bay Waterfront
This is probably the most beautiful waterfront in Africa. Construction began some three years ago and today, it is one of the touristiest locations in Luanda and a major attraction for locals and tourists alike.

Luanda Bay Waterfront

Angolan VISA
As many travelers have discovered, getting an Angolan VISA is more difficult than even the US VISA. You to apply 3 months or 6 months in advance and you need an invitation from someone or company inside Angola. This can include a friend or your employer. You can only get an Angolan VISA  inside your country although it is also possible to get one in neighboring countries like South Africa or DRC. However, the effort is worth it as Angola is one of the most beautiful and dynamic nations in Africa. With beautiful landscape, beautiful African culture influenced by 1000 year old Bakongo and Lunda Empires together with a 400 year old Portuguese imprint, Angola offers something that is certainly unique in Africa. Not even East Africa’s safari’s or South Africa’s great attraction will compare to the magnificent Angola with its beautiful Atlantic city now dubbed the future Dubai of Africa or the future Monaco of Africa.

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