Emirates Launches Online Recruitment Ad for 4000 Cabin Crew on Spotify

Emirates, the largest international airline, is advertising for 4000 cabin-crew jobs via online music provider Spotify as it strives to attract international staff for the world's biggest fleet of Airbus superjumbos.
Emirates needs to boost flight attendant numbers by a third to 16,000 during the year through March as it adds five double-deck, 517-seat A380s, for a total of 20.
Ads on Facebook, the No. 1 social website, may follow as the Dubai-based company seeks English-speaking, tech-savvy recruits aged from 21 to 30. In addition to the online ads, through November, the company would hold 77 recruitment fairs, around two every day, in countries including Armenia, Paraguay, New Zealand and Britain. It's worth noting that Spotify has over 1o million users in 7 European countries. Emirates is indeed becoming a true global airline and we'll inform our African audiences on the schedule of the recruitment fairs.

With Qatar Airways and Abu Dhabi's Etihad also adding staff, Emirates aims to leverage its status as long-haul market leader to become employer of choice among would-be cabin crew, akin to Apple in computing and Nike in sporting goods, advertising manager Sardar Khan said in an interview.
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