Top Signs You are a Frequent Flyer

Frequent Flyer Africa

You have your passport number memorized by heart.
You refer to cities by their airport code.
The flight attendants know you by name.
You have elite status on every airline alliance.
You think airplane food isn’t that bad.
Airplane wine? Yes please!
You have multiple airline credit cards.
You went through special TSA security process so you can get into the fast security line.
Immigration greets you by name.
You don’t spend money if it doesn’t give you airline miles.
You sign up for new credit cards if they offer mile deals.
They named a plane after you.
You know the type of food each airline serves.
Even pilots don’t fly as much as you.
You are in airplanes more than you are in cars.
You know how exactly how long it takes from your house to the gate…to the second.
You do all your shopping from SkyMall.
You actually know the names of the in-flight magazine authors.
You the interior layout for every plane type.
You have airport layouts memorized.
You can identify planes just by looking at them.
You know airlines just by looking at the logo on the tail.
You’re on your second passport…..this year.
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