Fly540 Angola to Launch Flights in one week

Fly540 Angola, subsidiary of Lonrho, will commence daily Luanda-Cabinda-Soyo services in a week according to a close source.Earlier in the month ,Lonrho issued a statement saying it would commence the Fly540 Angola operations "by the end of 2010".While we have been kept guessing as to the exact date of the launch of the operations,reliable source has told us that the launch date "could be somewhere between 20th-22nd December" as  they are planning to commence operations before Christmas.

The services are likely to commence with a single aircraft serving the north of the country from Luanda three times daily. In the future an additional two aircraft are contracted to arrive from Europe within four to six weeks.Fly540 Angola would be the first private sector International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) registered airline for Angola.
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