On Time Airlines:The Most Punctual Airlines in Africa

Which are Africa's Most Punctual Airlines?
If you have idled at the various African Airports,then you have a pretty good idea of what we are talking about:Punctuality or to use airlinespeak,On-Time Performance(OTP).Airlines have had a notoriety for being late but some airlines do take passengers across the vast continent on time.

Ground crew across the continent wake up every morning fired up and determined to get passengers moving on time."Team,2 delays expected.Let's make it 70% today" is a common rallying cry across airports but the record is still dismal for Africa!

There are a thousand reasons why flights delay from those beyond our control like weather to those within our control;(read When a Flight Delay or Cancellation is caused by an airline).
When faced with infuriating delays, many passengers prefer to blame incompetent management, lazy ground crews or pilots who step out for smoking breaks. The more likely culprits are outdated software, increased security, understaffed carriers and replacement crew delays that contribute to the nightmare of commercial flying.

We at Flight Africa Blog have analysed punctuality records of 18 major African Airlines based on available data from FlightStats and have come up with most comprehensive list that you will never find anywhere else!We will tell you the most punctual airlines and the airlines like Sudan Airways that you should avoid like hell because the probability that your flight will be extremely late or cancelled is 67%!!Here is our list based on FlightStats Historical On Time Performance from May15 to July15 2010:
On-Time Performance Amongst Major Airlines in Africa:
  1. Kenya Airways                    On Time Performance of 86%
  2. South African Airways         On Time Performance of 86%
  3. EgyptAir                               On Time Performance of 77%
  4. Air Mauritius                         On Time Performance of 76%
  5. TAAG Angola                      On Time Performance of 73%
  6. Arik Air                                On Time Performance of 66%
  7. Ethiopian Airlines                  On Time Performance of 65%
  8. Atlas Blue                             On Time Performance of 63%
  9. Air Zimbabwe                       On Time Performance of 62%
  10. Air Burkina                           On Time Performance of 61%
  11. Air Seychelles                       On Time Performance of 58%
  12. Air Zambezi                          On Time Performance of 58%
  13. Royal Air Maroc                   On Time Performance of 57%
  14. Air Namibia                          On Time Performance of 50%
  15. TunisAir                                On Time Performance of 46% 
  16. Air Algerie                            On Time Performance of 45%
  17. Afriqiyah                               On time Performance of 44%
  18. Sudan Airways                      On Time Performance of 27%
These on-time performance reports for African carriers and airports are generated from FlightStats Analytics. Flightstats track the performance of over 150,000 flights per day worldwide, archive the data for
analysis and publication, and provide real time flight status to millions of travelers world wide each day. For more information about Flightstats, please visit www.flightstats.com (http://www.flightstats.com/).
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