From Nairobi to Luanda:Kenya Airways to Fly to Angola

This was long overdue. Kenya Airways will on17th August launch its 50th route to  Luanda Angola in cooperation with Angola's national carrier TAAG.Angola has become a sub Saharan Africa economic powerhouse and Angola national carrier is fast becoming a major African legacy carrier.

The KQ0770 flight from Nairobi to Luanda(LAD) will depart Nairobi on Tuesday at 0530GMT while flight number KQ0771 will depart Luanda for Nairobi on Friday at 0830 GMT.
KQ's fierce rival Ethiopian Airlines already provides an Addis Ababa-Brazzaville-Kinshasa-Luanda service.

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Worth noting/correcting that Ethiopian Airlines flies to Luanda NONSTOP from Addis Ababa using large 767 aircraft three times per week.

  2. bankelele Says:

    great to see intra africa routes attracting competition as this will lower the cost of doing business over time which is a good thing

  3. Very Good.

    Eduardo Dantas

  4. Try to recognise your happiness when you arrive at it - don't be like the traveller who doesn't see the valley he is in, only the mountains that surround it.

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