Miles and Points:What is your Preferred Frequent Flyer Program in Africa?

OK,this all about the points and miles! Kenya Airways offers its frequent flyers points with its Flying Blue program in conjunction with KLM/AirFrance, Ethiopian Airlines offers its passengers Sheba miles and if you like spending a little more for a once in a lifetime luxury,you could find yourself on Ethiopian's Cloud Nine!
 If you are flying in Southern Africa and likes Kulula's good sense of humour,perhaps you could earn points(moolahs) with Kulula's Jetsetter Program!Or you love hopping into are out of Africa with Middle Eastern carriers maybe you have tried Emirates revamped Frequent Flyer Program Skywards!

Next week,we are writing a post about Frequent Flyer Programs in Africa covering both African and Foreign carriers and we would like to know about your Frequent Flyer experience in African  Skies!Kindly leave a comment here and tell us about your miles and points!You can also leave us comment on Twitter @FlightAfrica .Best Regards!
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  1. beltanefire Says:

    I have Flying blue miles from KENYA AIRWAYS it takes a long time to get enough to be of benefit and the price to buy extras is to high.Disappointed miles cannot be "given/gifted" from one flyer to another.And it is very hard to get a price reduction on a flight by using miles.tHE MILES ALSO HAVE ONLY A TWO YEAR LIFE so less affluent flyers who dont do 12 trips a year are disadvantaged in other words if you can get a cheaper flight ,,forget the AIR MILES

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