Kulula's Audacious Rebranding and a Social Media Coup

South Africa's budget carrier Kulula recently took the Kulula humor a step further and applied a 101 guide to the various parts of the airplane,a design by the Kulula in house team!How was Kulula rewarded?Kulula became the talk of town,from blogs to Twitter ,Facebook,Flickr name it,web users are talking about Kulula!

As one online marketer said" It’s something fun. This is the best marketing, that changes how you look at something and brings joy to your customers. (Life can get far too serious)." Another users says "Totally refreshing! Apt to draw a pleasant clientele and the tugging on sleeves from the younger family members. You did good.. I see smiles coming your way.. Bravo!!"The conversation is going global,a Dutch blog is talking about Kulula,German blogs and on Twitter the conversation is ever ending.

So how did Kulula score the coup?They contacted airline enthusiast,spotter and photographer Malcolm Nason to take a few shots of the plane even before the design was unveiled.Malcolm is an influencer in airline photography so the photos soon found their way to the Airliners Gallery on Flickr. The photos have been viewed over 40,000 times on Flickr alone!The photos were soon doing their rounds amongst brand enthusiasts and bloggers;influential travel blog Gadling published a post titled Kulula-air tries not to take itself too seriously that was an instant hit with web users with over 280 retweets and 2176 Diggs plus thousands of enthusiastic readers.According to Bit.ly the Simple url shortener and real-time link tracking tool,the Gadling Kulula story alone has been read/seen by some 2143 twitter users alone,and that's from one blog and one platform!

Kulula's great audacity and social media savvy will surely be greatly rewarded later this year when the World Cup comes home in June and football fans will be flocking to South Africa not just for the football fiesta but also to experience an airline that tries not take itself too seriously!

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  1. Dan Says:

    The design was actually done in-house at kulula - not sure how we got credited with the design. Dan (from Atmosphere)

  2. AfricanFlyer Says:

    Thanks Dan for the clarification,we acknowledge that the above inclusion is factually incorrect; we will correct the mistake and give all the honors to the fabulous Kulula Team.Good job at Atmosphere!Best Regards.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    I was searching for my last name and that only thing came up, kulula air line in south africa, im from canada, qc, nunavik,and our air line is first air and air inuit

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