The options available for accommodation on South Coast KZN

Located a few kilometers from Durban in Kwa Zulu Natal, the South Coast is a 200km stretch of beaches that includes a range of natural features, towns, rivers and gorges, with lots of fun and things to experience. Some of the activities available for visitors here include abseiling, surfing, rafting, mountain climbing, skiing, SCUBA diving, deep sea fishing amongst other attractions. It is no wonder that more and more tourists are converging here to experience the best that it has to offer.  Some of the options available for accommodation on South Coast KZN include B&B accommodation, guest houses, lodges, hotels, private homes, self catering services and camping facilities.

B&B Accommodation
B&B accommodation on South Coast KZN consists of an array of establishments with services that will meet every traveler’s needs. The South Coast offers countless B&B and accommodation that come kitted with several amenities including comfortable rooms, satellite TV, swimming pools, Wi-Fi and much more punctuated with very sumptuous breakfasts. You may opt for B&B accommodation overlooking the Indian Ocean or more intimate locations that offer privacy and peaceful ambiance. Additional services can be provided on request depending on the establishment. Some of the B&B in KZN also provide self catering services.

Guest Houses
The guest houses offer ideal places for accommodation on South Coast KZN for both business and pleasure. The types of guest houses will depend on your preference but you are likely to find many built in the form of mansions with full catering, self catering or both. They are located close to the major amenities and recreational centres in the South Coast. Some guest houses located on the outskirts might provide free transport services but it is important to verify this information when booking your accommodation.

Backpacker’s Lodges
Kwa Zulu Natal is a favorite amongst backpackers globally with tens of thousands converging on the country every year to experience its famed outdoors. As a result, there is lots of backpackers’ lodges accommodation on South Coast KZN available. Based on your preference, it is possible to find characterful lodges with single or double rooms for your accommodation needs. For the budget travelers, the dormitory style lodges are also available. Like the other accommodation amenities, they are located very close to the major amenities and recreational centres in KZN.

Private Homes
Private home accommodation on South Coast KZN is an exciting new trend to experience the local culture while enjoying the comfort of a home-like ambiance. Many of the private holiday homes in KZN are fully equipped with kitchens and also fully furnished. They are located close to major shopping malls and other recreational centres. Many of them are self catering and provide you an opportunity to sample the local foods while avoiding the bustle of the hotel environment.

Depending on your requirements and budget, you can choose from an array of available accommodation on South Coast KZN. Several hotels, spas and resorts are available along the entire 200km stretch of the South Coast.

Camping services and accommodation on the South Coast KZN are some of the major attractions in the region. Several caravan parks and secure camping sites are available with many located close to major parks, reserves and other major landmarks in the area.

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