Cheapest Airlines in 2011

eDreams is one of the leading global online travel agencies and a major player in the European travel market.eDreams compiled data from several million flight bookings made through its website in 2011. Focusing on short-haul flights, the Online Travel Agency only included bookings for flights of under 1000 miles. To get the 50 rankings, they summed up the miles flown by all customers on a given airline, before adding up all the individual prices paid for the flights. The total amount paid (all inclusive) was then divided by the total distance flown to get a price per 100 miles.

Price per 100 Miles is an alternative way to compare airlines by price. Consider that different airlines fly different routes, which makes direct comparisons difficult. However, this is an indicator of the overall pricing policy of the airline and is an objective value that allows for comparison and ranking.

In Africa, the Cheapest Airlines in 2011unsurprisingly based in the continent's two major key travel tourist markets South Africa and Morocco and these include:
  1. Fly Mango(South Africa)                      11.01 (Price in EUR per 100 miles)
  2. Air Arabia Maroc(Morocco)                11.92 (Price in EUR per 100 miles)
  3. Jet4You(Morocco)                               13.04 (Price in EUR per 100 miles)
  4. Comair(South Africa)                           15.75 (Price in EUR per 100 miles)
  5. Royal Air Maroc(Morocco)                 18.79 (Price in EUR per 100 miles)
Cheapest Airlines Globally
The table below details the individual rankings. Take a look to find out how cheap your favourite airline really is:

Code AirlineCountryPrice (Euros)
Per 100 Miles
#1BLJetstar PacificVietnam8.55
#30BBlue AirRomania10.43
#4G9Air ArabiaUAE10.71
#53KJetstar AsiaSingapore10.91
#7JEMangoSouth Africa11.01
#8BYThomson AirwaysUK11.67
#103OAir Arabia MarocMarroco11.92
#11TRTiger AirwaysAustralia12.02
#13W6Wizzair Hungary12.78
#15E3Eagles AirlinesItaly13.35
#16KUKuwait AirwaysKuwait13.37
#17JQJetstar AirwaysAustralia13.48
#18U2Easyjet UK13.49
#20APAir OneItaly14.84
#21S4Sata InternationalPortugal14.91
#22QSSmart WingsCzech Republic15.00
#23F9Frontier AirlinesUS15.24
#24ZIAigle AzurFrance15.48
#25TPTAP PortugalPortugal15.52
#26MNComair South Afrika15.75
#27IVWind JetItaly15.76
#28VYVueling Spain16.25
#29HGNiki Austria16.66
#32XWSky ExpressRussia17.28
#33EIAer LingusIreland17.41
#34U6Ural AirlinesRussia17.44
#35SEXL AirwaysFrance17.48
#36FBBulgaria AirBulgaria17.53
#40S2Jet LiteIndia18.19
#41PCPegasus AirlinesTurkey18.30
#42SNBrussels AirlinesBelgium18.42
#45UXAir EuropaSpain18.51
#47LVAlbanian AirlinesAlbania18.62
#48ATRoyal Air MarocMorocco18.79
#49UNTransaero AirlinesRussia18.88
#50OKCzech AirlinesCzech Republic19.00
  • Short Haul flights are defined as a total distance of 1000 nautical miles or less. Flights of greater distances are excluded from this study.
The top 50 is heavily occupied by Middle Eastern and North African airlines. The UAE’s Air Arabia (G9) came fourth for cheap flights at just €10.71 per 100 miles, plus Morocco’s Air Arabia Maroc (3O), Jet4U (8J), and Kuwait Airways (KU) also scored high. Eastern Europe has a tendency to produce bargain airlines, with Blue Air (0B) coming in third, plus Transavia Airlines C.V. (HV) and Wizz Air Hungary (W6) occupying prominent positions.

Below is an Infographic by eDreams on the cheapest airlines in 2011:

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